A series of barns and outhouses dating from 1825, beautifully restored to create a light, warm and airy atmosphere. Connected one to another in a flow that allows your day to unfold seamlessly. And with choices that build surprise and drama, releasing the magic of every event.


From gathering to drinks, from dinner to dancing, our different spaces connect to each other, allowing guests to move easily through the venue, enabling your band or DJ to set up unnoticed. If the weather's warm and sunny, you can flow out to the courtyard. If not, your event will run just as smoothly. Pre-installed lighting, speakers, projector and WiFi provide all the technical support you might need.

overview of courtyard
indoor tables and chairs
overview of buildings
door leading to seating room
flowers and candles
birdseye view of buildings
seating room and arched room
bulding with blue sky
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